52 Paragraph 2) Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Tokyo (i

52 Paragraph 2). Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Tokyo (in Japanese) Ministry of Social Affairs, Employment

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D, Tait R (2004) Health and safety management in small enterprises; an effective low cost approach. Safety Sci 42:69–83CrossRef Weel AN, Plomp HN (2007) Developments in occupational health services in the Netherlands: from a professional to a market regime. Supporting health at work: international perspectives on occupational health services, policy and practice in health and safety, institution of occupational safety and health issue 1 Suppl:87–101″
“Introduction Women report more fatigue than men (Nelson and Burke 2002; Pugliesi 1999; Macintyre et al. 1996), whether this concerns mental fatigue, physical fatigue, sleepiness, feeling tired, or emotional exhaustion (Bakker et al. 2002; Åkerstedt et al. 2004). Women also report sleeping disorders more often than men (Åkerstedt et al. 2004; Peretti-Watel et al. 2009).

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