[18] These findings may show that the risk of acquiring acute hep

[18] These findings may show that the risk of acquiring acute hepatitis is higher among Talazoparib ic50 long-term travelers. However, as our data are limited to Israeli travelers and further data is lacking, more evidence is required to confirm this observation. The main limitation of this study is the distinct

travel patterns of Israeli travelers that may be different from those traveling from other countries such as those in Western Europe or North America. Therefore, further studies are needed before applying our results to other traveler populations. In conclusion, acute hepatitis possesses a threat to travelers. In this cohort, 1% of ill Israeli travelers

were diagnosed with acute hepatitis. Enterically transmitted hepatitis is the main cause of viral hepatitis among these travelers. HEV is an emerging disease and has become the most common hepatitis among Israeli travelers. Although an efficacious vaccine has been developed, licensed HEV vaccine is not yet available. Efforts to develop an efficacious HEV vaccine for travelers are warranted. Despite the available HAV vaccine, there is a steady prevalence of HAV cases. Further follow-up is needed to determine whether the Israeli national program for HAV vaccination in infancy will affect the epidemiology of hepatitis among travelers. The authors state they have no conflicts of interest to declare. “
“15th Ed , 188 pp , paperback Farnesyltransferase with illustrations, AUD24.95 , ISBN 978-0-9577179-2-3. selleck chemicals llc Brisbane , Australia: Dr. Deborah Mills , 2008 . http://www.drdeb.com.au . The United Nations World Tourism Organisation announced that there were a record

924 million international tourist arrivals in 2008.1 It is known that many travelers encounter some kind of health and safety problem whilst they are traveling. Travel health advisers are required to discuss the epidemiology, management, and prevention of the gambit of disease and injury hazards that may be confronted by travelers. There is a need to provide written material to travelers to help reinforce this advice, which can be assisted by a range of travel health reference publications available today specifically designed for travelers. The 15th edition of Travelling Well is one of these specialized references and one which has established itself as one of the leading educational aids in travel medicine in Australasia. Travelling Well, four pages shorter than the previous edition and with a host of minor revisions/updates, is presented as an A5 publication with an attractive, full-color, glossy travelogue cover. Travelling Well promotes itself well in the opening sections.

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